Getting to Know about WV Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority

Prison now is not the place to punish criminals. It is also now considered as the place where people who are suspected to commit crimes and wait until their trials like the West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority. There is already a big difference between the present and the past prison system. As of the moment, there are many changes to make the place better. You can visit regional jail site for more info.image 1

The institution is controlled electronically for better security. The prisoners are not grouped together. It will depend on the crime committed by someone where he or she will be placed. High crimes will be on the place with maximum security. Criminals who do not pose threat to people are under minimum security.

Maximum security is for those inmates that are dangerous not just to the public but also the people inside the institution. They are put into cells because some of them do not want to mingle with the rest human population and are treated by physicians. They might have serious mental illness that should be address.

Administrative facility is for those who do not pose threat. They can roam and enjoy other facilities such as recreational areas and gyms. They will also have programs preparing them when the time comes they are free from prison. They might also offered minimum security in visiting hours.

The place aims to keep a comfortable environment to all people living there and those who are also visiting. They still impose punishment for those who started fights and riots. They may lock up in prison cells for the meantime.

You can find out more information about West Virginia Regional Jail and Correctional Facility Authority in their website at The site is created for those people who wanted to inquire about visiting hours and other details about the place. You can visit the link now.