Online Versus Traditonal Phoenix University Teaching

Due to the many advantages, professionals who have been taking up on traditional colleges are joining Online ecampus to earn a degree. One of the largest for-profit institutions is the University of Phoenix. This school has about 38 branches all over the states and 2 in Puerto Rico and Canada. Most of their clients are signing up the online courses because of many reasons. Courses are from education, social and behaviour science, technology, education and health care. But what do you think is good? The online or the traditional way of teaching in University of Phoenix or uop? Here in this article, you can read few of the feedback between the two.

You have to have discipline in learning the course. If you become undisciplined you will not pass the course and eventually fail. You are only to require 30 minutes or more to attend the class and do your homework.

The classes in traditional way follow rigid and strict schedule. You have to be on your class between the 6PM to 10PM schedules. If you have a job that allows you to stay late, you will eventually miss the lessons. If you are sick, you will miss a week of lessons. It needs flexibility of your availability to be on the class and attend the lessons.

The advantage of attending online class is the flexibility. You are not pressured of your schedule. You can take the day or night shift, depends on your availability. You are not also pressured to pass the homework. When you are finish, you can pass it any time of the day. Just as long as you are active every day on the class.

The advantage of traditional is you have the chance to stand in front of the group and enhance your communication skill through the weekly PowerPoint presentation of your learning. You are not pressured to voice out the learning of your team on that entire week.