Securitas ePay Guide to Using the System

Having an automated payroll system is quite handy for your company. There are many benefits you can get. One of the best online payroll systems is the Securitas ePay with the website of The system is very easy to use. You don’t need to have the highest skill in computer to navigate the system. All you need is to read the guide below:image1

To begin with, you must have the following details:

  1. You also will want a computer together with an online access. The computer ought to be attached to the intranet of the company. The computer in your work can do the trick.
  2. In the event you are one of several payroll officers in the company, you will have the access to the information of workers.
  3. If you are a standard staff, it is possible to update your data utilizing the TALX paperless pay system. You ought to be on the payroll of your employer. For those who arejust a temporary, you might not be fit to use the internet system.

The next is how to operate the system:

  1. Visit the company’s TALX sub site applying the intranet or at Securitas epay login page.
  2. Just simply key your own employee user ID and password.
  3. Should you are at the page, seek for the Main Menu tab. There you ought to decide on the pay Stub Review at the sub-menu. You can view in this page earlier up to current payslips you could have in the business.
  4. When you would like to acquire changes in your amount payable or the deposit accounts, you will need to find the Direct Deposit Maintenance at the Main Menu.
  5. You can find also a sub-menu for W-4 Edit. All workers have their private access on this page. It is to enable them to give the name, address and also the personal information for the tax info.
  6. If you need to view the reports relating to your reports, profits, daily schedules as well as other more, you could look at the eReports located also from the Main Menu.

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Online Payroll Service for Business

There are many companies now who are going to outsource a payroll service to make the process of paying their employees easily. You can find now many businesses who offer this kind of services. One good example is the ADP iPay, website URL is The product of Automated Data Processing Inc. that is now widely used by many companies. In this way, the workers can access their salary statements anytime they wish to and anywhere. The employee can also download or print it for its own personal or professional purposes. But having an online system in payroll will also bear advantages and disadvantages.

The Advantages

One of the most common advantage of the online payroll service is it saves time for someone to do the computing by her or his self. The system will automatically calculate the salary according to the given time and now you can print the payslips and other papers needed for the payroll to be released.

When you have a company with many employees, it will save you money and time to hire someone who could do the process. You do not need a payroll officer because the system is already efficient to do the task.

The online payroll service has a strict privacy of policies that won’t allow the confidential information to be handed on the wrong hands. It will not put into a jeopardize position the company and its employees.

The Disadvantage

The system will be good to big companies where time and money could really be saved. But some smaller businesses may end up wasting their money and could not afford to pay the expenses when using this service. If your company does not have more than 50 employees, it would not be wise to implement the system.

Having an online payroll service in your company maybe a help but we have to consider many things. If you think it is an edge to have, try using ADP iPay service in