How to Login and View Your ADP Profile?

If you want to find a solution about the problems of handling payroll in your company, using an online payroll service might be the solution. That is why ADP iPay is the best service you can use. The owner of the software had been on this service for 60 years now. In short, you can fully trust ADP iPay to handle the work for you. You can get more info here at When you are already using the system, you can find the information below helpful.

Those of you that have already an account, here are the login guidelines to see your iPay Statements.

  1.  Just go to the ADP iPay internet site and choose the “Login” button at the page. It will be located at the very center part.
  2. Now type in the account information you will have at the text fields available and afterwards click “Ok”.
  3. Browse your pay statements at the page after you are sign in. You could choose dates from which statements you would like to go through. It is possible to print it or carry on with browsing other statements.
  4. Be sure that you logout your account after reviewing by hitting “Log Off”.

How to check your ADP Card Balance?

  1. You have to visit But first you must be signed up on the webpage to avail the service. While you are already enrolled, simply just login using your account information. Do not forget to click “Sign In” to get to your account. Now you may check your income online.
  2. It is easy to also use your phone. Basically call the 1-877-ADP-4231 and follow the voice prompt. The operator will state you about your account balance.
  3. You can even swipe your ADP TotalPay Card utilizing an ATM machine. Basically swipe and input your pin number. Click Check Balance on the screen.

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