Pros and Cons of Gmail

Mostly today people used free email program such as Gmail because it is more economical for them as a means of communication. Even though you can find many benefits for such service but nothing is perfect above this earth. Still many of us can find faults on certain things. Gmail is popular due to its features that are very beneficial to people. It is consider as among the best services that is very popular to more than 40 countries now serving thousands of users.  You can go to Gmail sign up page if you want to be a member.

Before you start using Gmail, you might want to get familiar about this free email program.

What are the pros?

  1. You can access your account with anytime you want and anywhere you are. You can now access it through your tablets and mobile phones not just your computers now. So if you have important mails, you can read it immediately.
  2. It has an advanced and excellent feature that allows users to compose, send and receive messages easily. Developers created and easy graphical user interface that you can navigate your way easily.
  3. Your account is integrated with recent updates from weather, sports and current news about your place. You are updated from time to time.

What are the cons?

  1. The security of your account is one of the risk factor when it comes to free email services. It is likely that you can download viruses from emails sent to you. So, it needs a careful using from users when opening mails.
  2. Spam. These are pointless messages that tend to annoy people because they are not just send ones but couple of times. These messages advertise or give threats to the users of Gmail.

You can weigh things now if you want to use free email services or opt for paid in this honest review about Gmail features and not so good about it.

Gmail Versus Yahoo

It is a wonder why people are still too dumb to realize that there are many free email services now that are reliable enough for their email communications still they stick to their paid services. Why pay when you can have free with the same service of effective filtering of spam mails, plenty or unlimited storage and very fast user interface. All you need is do some of your researches and look for some feedback and reviews about the best one among the free email carrier. In this article, you can find two of the widely and trusted used email services, Gmail and Yahoo.

Gmail. One of Google’s products that approaches not only email but as well as chat application. It allows you to collect unlimited messages because it has unlimited online storage space. It has a very smart interface where users can easily use the application. Just go to their gmail email login page to acquire your own account. The benefits of using Gmail are that you can have all the access to Google’s product such as Youtube and Adsense. All you need is your gmail email login details and you do not have to sign up again. You can really appreciate this email service that is why many people trust Gmail.

Yahoo. One of the oldest free email services that you can access not only through computers but any mobile and gadget devices that can connect to the internet. You can also enjoy their features such as SMS testing, connecting to social networking, unlimited storage and instant messaging. Everything is already in Yahoo. It also provides you the ability to organize your emails through creating folders and nice is spam filtering.

These are the two very competing free email services. It is for you to decide which one you want to create your email. No matter what you choose, you can still email other people that uses other email service providers.