How to Write an Email in CorrLinks System?

If you want to talk with your loved ones outside the prison, you can now subscribe to CorrLinks program. It allows you to have your own account and talk directly to your family or friends. Just pay the 0.05$ per minute and you can obtain your own account. How?image

  1. You want to find out first the inmate number. For those who don’t know, just visit the web page of Federal Bureau where you can find the number you are looking for. Just look up there your entire name of the inmate along with which facility he or she is situated.
  2. You need to contact the admin of the CorrLinks to know in the event the selected inmates you wish to contact have a permitted access at the application.
    c. When the inmate would like to communicate with you, he or she has to add you on his or her own address book. This can be the best method you are entitled to email and receive messages from the inside. This really is if the person approves your request. To additionally put you name on his or her list, the inmate send your name at the admin by email.
  3. As soon as you are already approved, a message shall be sent with your email which has a redirection of url on You should register as a new user and start up your personal account. Should you have your account at this moment, you’ll get the opportunity to block or allow inmates who wanted to add you. You may simply get 10 days to respond on their request. Soon after 10 days the identification code assigned on the invitation will terminate.
  4. Now that you are presently login, you’ll be ready generating email for the inmate you wish to communicate with. Almost everything will be reviewed by just admins, each and every email you send and receive.

Visit now so you can start creating your account and sending emails.