How to Receive Payment from Florida Child Support?

It is the right of every child to be supported well by their parents. From there daily needs up to their education. The Florida state has a program that designs to guarantee that payments are done monthly by parents. They look into child support Florida seriously. If you are among the receiving ones, here are the ways in which you can receive a child support payment:

Receiving Support from Direct Deposit

  1. If you are receiving child support payments from direct deposit, there are steps that you should remember and do. You have to allow the Florida Department of Revenue to make a direct deposit in your bank account. Just complete the Child Support payment Options form and then mail it to the address you can find at the top page.
  2. For those who have checking’s account you might need a preprint voided check with the form.
  3. For those who have savings account, all you need is the letter from the bank with its bank routing number and then your own account number.
  4. Months have passed and then you haven’t obtained your support? You can call the Clerk of Court office and inquire about your situation. You can find local Clerk information at website.

Receiving Support from Debit MasterCard

  1. If you don’t have a bank account, you can apply for a Florida Debit MasterCard, although those with bank accounts are welcome too. Just complete the form of Child Support Payment Options and send it. You can now request a card.
  2. The card is valid to use for three years. A month prior to expiration, you can get immediately a replacement for you.
  3. Just sign up your card online so you can check the balance anytime and anywhere. Just visit the Florida EPPICard website.
  4. You need to check the payment made for you periodically. In this way, you can track if you are paid on the right amount.

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