Sears Employee Website

If you are a Sears employee, you have to visit The website is for you to view and manage your employment details while employed in this company. The website is also open to past employees to get services and benefits from the company.

Tips before accessing the website

  1. You need to gather your personal information when you are to register. You will need it on the process.
  2. Make sure you have high versions of Firefox or Internet Explorer when browsing the website. In this way, you don’t have a problem when exploring the website.
  3. It is best to read first some information in the website before you become associates.

How to sign up at the website?

  1. You need to get a personal pc that has a web connection to begin with the method.
  2. Subsequently, open your browser and input the internet site link and is
  3. If you possess an account, you can login automatically. In the event you are new at all to the site, you start out the enrolment by pressing the “Register” weblink.
  4.  On the application page, you’ll have to type in a legitimate email address. Type it on the field included and then hit the “Confirm Email”.
  5.  Present also the password in your account. You must have a protected password which will not be simple guessed by others. The email Id and password you created has to be your login details for Sears.
  6.  Key in your zip code. If you’d like to collect news from the company confirm the box that transferred newsletters.
  7. Do take into account to click “Register” button to complete the application.

How to login at the website?

  1. First, you need to go to the website.
  2. Next, click the Enrol Option button.
  3. Provide your own user ID and password.
  4. Click Login button.

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