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The American Airlines has created for the employees and contractors of the company. Its service is for the employees or contractors to manage their employment details from HR department, view the 401k Super Saver plan or search for AA flight services from the company. The website is not just for the current employees, those who are ex-employees or retired ones can also create their own account to view the benefits they have. Other companies with related services to American Airlines can access the website. How? All you need is to have your own user ID and password. If you still don’t have these details, you can start creating an account first.

About American Airlines

This is a US based company which has an office in Fort Worth, Texas. American Airlines caters not only domestic but as well as international flights for passenger. The company now is ranked 3 stars by Skytrax with two affiliates, the American Eagle and Connection.

How to Register Your Employee or Contractor Account?

Before you start out signing up, you might want a few things to start with. You have to have your own computer and internet access. And then, you could have your very own employee or contractor number. Now after you have them, you want to head out at the website’s Link in sign in page. And once you are on the web page, locate the “Login Help” and press it. You most likely be inquired by your Employee or Contractor number and so you must present it. Make sure you select “Submit” button. Create your personal user ID and password now. These facts must be unique and safe enough. Answer the security questions provided by the web site and select on “Finish” once you are done. Do not forget to look at the “Terms of Use Agreement”.

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