How to Keep Your Computer Safe from Viruses?

If you are really worried about viruses then you may start changing your operating system into more secured platforms such as the Linux and Mac OS of Apple. Why they are more secured? They are more secured because they are less attacked by viruses because they are not often used by people. Windows operating systems are very vulnerable to attacks since they are widely used. But what if you do not want to change your operating system? If you are really bothered there are still solutions that you can find. In this article, you will read few of those solutions.

Here are the things that might help you in your quest of preventing viruses entering your computer system:

  1. Install the latest anti-virus you can find on the market. You can find free anti-viruses that are still reliable to download and install on your computer. One example is the anti-virus made by Google named Google Pack. But free viruses do not guarantee 1005 protections unlike those paid versions.  You can read some reviews and have some feedback about which anti-virus gives the best protection on your computer.
  2. Make sure your firewall is turned on. Firewall is part of your operating system for an important reason. Firewall blocks any unwanted or unauthorized access of your computer from the outside of your network. It controls the way your computer connects over the internet.
  3. Never to forget to backup your file. This is the advice you will mostly hear from computer experts. This is because no matter what happened your file is still safe and intact. You can either store the important files on your CD or USB.
  4. Do not answer suspicious emails. There are people who will email you something that said they are representatives from your bank. Do not answer them because they will only collect personal information from you.

These are some of the basic yet important things to avoid viruses from entering on your computer system. Hope they help a lot.

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